Friday, December 24, 2010

What We've Accomplished

Well, we ain't done bad folks!  We started with a pure volunteer effort, (still is) with absolutely no budget and no name recognition.  Accomplishments to date:   Not in Order!

  1. Formation of The National Capital Jobs Coalition,  Creation of a Platform including: a)mission statement, b) objectives program planks, c) strategic approach. 3) Establishment of an Executive Committee with five meetings conducted. 
  2. A free meeting environment and headquarters at The National Graduate Univeristy. 
  3.  Strategic meetings with Council Committee Chair's Legislative Director with written in put and acceptance for legislative action, 
  4. Outreach meetings with ONE DC, JobsWithJustice and others, 
  5. Provision of testimony before two Council Committee Hearings of Housing and Workforce Development. 
  6. A Public Education Job Action At the Bozouto RI Ave. Job Site. 
  7. Conduct of First Source, Second Chance event attended by key Council legislative staff, Union Leaders, and community members.  
  8. Creation of a name, logo, and brand ...!!) 
  9. Establishment of an NCJC Blog:

We suggest we hold a meeting the second week in January.  The purpose will be to update alliances and coalition members, to set forth the schedule for the next seven First Source, Second Chance meetings and to put together the planning committe for the DC Reunited Event in late April/Early May of 2011.

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