Thursday, December 9, 2010

First Source is a Battle in the War for DC Jobs

There is Only One:  Washington, DC
Washington DC is still the epicenter of the world.  Not Paris, Not London, and no Not Bejing either.  Every global business has, or plans to have offices here in the district.  Someday in the future that may change, ... but, not today!  DC does not have to play suck up to construction companies and developers.  If you don't want to pay DC's fair. living wages, if you won't comply with our laws ... go build somewhere else. I don't care what you say, Crystal City does not have the cache of:  Washington, DC.

Question: Do Our Political Leaders Have the Will to Give First Source a Second Chance?
Our leaders are going for the  cheap seats.  They give away land and tax concessions for no good reason.  They do this in order to curry favor and gain political campaign contributions, they have bargained away decent living wages for a generation of DC workers.  The present First Source Law is a joke and a cruel one for those of us who believed that First Source really meant that 51% of workers on these projects would be DC residents.  The law has more holes in it, more opportunities for avoidance than the Income Tax Laws in Italy.  Example: of the $700,000 approx appropriated for enforcement, not one dime has been spent in doing so.  That's with a 30% compliance record according to DC Journal.   The real question is ... Do our elected officials have the political will to make it a real law that will protect our workers and prove that DC can control its own destiny?

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