Saturday, December 11, 2010


If  You Hold It (and have lot's of patience) They Will Come ...
We held our First Source, Second Chance Forum last night in Ward 5 at Optimism 3301 12th Street here in Brookland, NE.  It was hot ... we had knowledgeable speakers:  Kilin Boardman Schroyer, Legislative Director for Councilman Michael Brown (he will speak himself next time), we had David Schwartzman, a noted champion of worker's rights, Stanley Macey former Chairman of United Planning Organization, along with representatives  of Organized Labor and local Ministries.  NCJC presented its offical Platform with a professionally produced powerpoint.  It was a grest success by everyone's comments and emails we received as well.

We Want a New Deal and a New Deck That isn't Stacked Against Us!
 We argued that First Source is a Red Herring bill used to put the people of DC to sleep and make them think they have a fair deal on jobs.  Well, we've got news.  The deck has been stacked against us and the dealer has been cheating.  We want a new deck, a new game, now that we have a new dealer.

We Need New Initiatives and New Ideas to Create New Green Jobs!
We made the point that the old job and workforce development strategies of large infrastructure projects just won't work in this new, post meltdown, jobless recovery world.  We need new and innovative ideas for NEW INDUSTRY for DC.

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