Saturday, December 4, 2010

Building the Coalition

The National Capital Jobs Coalition continues to grow.  On Tuesday of this week we met with ONE DC who have an ongoing jobs program as part of their Social Action agenda.  Members of NCJC also met with key staff from JobsWithJustice and  discussed the First Source amendments and the potential for substantive change in day-to-day management.  Specifically of interest were issues around Compliance, Enforcement, and Penalties.  We agreed to mark up the amendments, as discussed and to draft additions and to submit them to the round table next week.  SMARTDC's ED was present at a combined meeting at ONE DC offices and made clear the specific problems experience by Ward 6 on the other side of the Anacostia.

The Need for New Green Jobs -It became clear to all that the fundamental underlying problem is not the ineffectual and hamstrung bill, but the issue of employment for the under utilized human capital assets of our communities.  New Green Industry must be found and our people trained to work in them.  First Source is an example of how special interests can skew even the most well intentioned legislation and render it an obsticle instead of a facilitator for new jobs.  The parties agreed to meet again and to continue to engage the system and the city wherever possible.  First Source needs a Second Chance.

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