Friday, July 13, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Democratic Party and Citizen's of The District of Columbia

Who the Hell is Jerry Peloquin Anyway? (well, google me)

I am a Democrat.  I am from South Boston.  I remember James Michael Curley whom we, the citizens of Boston elected Mayor from Jail!  I come from the town that spawned Whitey Bulger for some time, the most wanted man in America, a town where the price of being acquitted of murder was $2,500.00 (yes, in 1960)  It was my classmate Ray Flynn, then Mayor of Boston (later ambassador to the Vatican) who finally integrated the Boston School System.   I served proudly as a Untied States Marine for six years.  In 1962-63 I served as a United States Capital Policeman.  I guarded the Rotunda in the Capital while President John F. Kennedy lay in state AND, I worked in the office of The Speaker of the House of Representatives:  The Honorable (late) John W. McCromack (D,MA)  

I am an activist and an advocate for social and economic justice.  I take this position from both a practical and spiritual platform.  Pope Leo XIII in his encyclical on work and labor made the point that there can be no social justice without economic justice.  Accordingly, our non profit seeks to create new micro businesses in the economically depressed parts of the world.  One of our programs, The National Capital Jobs Coalition, agressively served as an advocate and activists (social action, picketing The Bozos at Bozouto)  and along with Councilman Michael Brown's office, helped shape and draft the new First Source Legislation.  We recently demonstrated and spoke at The Wilson Building in defense of DC workers rights.  We have a blog at: I am a committed and dedicated part of this community.  I make these points not out of some sense of self aggrandizement, but to make it clear that I am NOT a wild eyed liberal idealist ... I have been to this dance before!

For the past five years I have been a citizen of The District of Columbia.  I was a vocal critic of (as many of you will remember) former Councilman Thomas, Jr.   I campaigned for and served as pole watcher for our present mayor Gray.  In addition I published an open indictment of the DC Democratic Party for blatant abuse of power and privilege.  As a result, I have been pilloried by the lobbyists and sycophants, the wannabes and hanger's on who hope for scraps from the tables of power.   If they only knew how cheaply these so called public servants will see themselves and in the process, sell us out!   

I am writing this today in hope that I may ride on the back of Mr. Brannum and The Democratic Party and get someone to actually read what I have to say.  Over the next week I plan to make a series of concrete proposals that address the social and economic disparity that exists in this City and to suggest meaningful and lawful ways to reverse the downward spiral of this city and make it the envy of Silicone Valley and, yes, even Boston. These proposals go directly to the "money," as it is always about the  money.   Not one politician ever went to jail for misappropriation of Jelly Beans... it's the money.  Stay tuned, it's about to get interesting!

Incidentally, at 71 I have no interest in political office of any kind.  As Harry Truman said when a reporter asked him how he felt about not being President ... he said, "... Fine, I've just been promoted to Citizen."  "These folks work for me now!"

Bear with me.  I'll be publishing daily now.  I'll write it both here and on our blog.  

Jerry in Advocacy

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