Saturday, July 14, 2012

 Members of The National Capital Jobs Coalition (NCJC) will be attending and, if asked, participate in the meeting Monday at Trinity Baptist Church.  We will also be available to discuss our plan for turning The Abandoned School building into

The Crummel National Center For Urban Micro Enterprise.

 NCJC is a program of Micro Venture Support a Ward 5 based non profit dedicated to training people to run their own businesses  NCJC has two mandates:  
  1. Assure fair employment opportunities for Citizen's of The District of Columbia
  2. To Create New Green Industry and Jobs for The Citizens of The District of Columbia
This city has too many programs ... with too few decent paying jobs created!  We believe in A Sustainable Economic Initiative that will tie job training to guaranteed new jobs, new businesses, and new industry.  It's time for The Citizen's of DC to solve their own problems while the pols fight to stay our of jail!

 Let's take our city. our jobs, and our industry back!
(We welcome and Elected Official to join our effort, BUT ... be prepared for full transparency and disclosure)

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