Friday, February 24, 2012

UMC: A Rebirth for DC

United Medical Center - A Bright Light

United Medical Center is a bright light being hidden under the traditional blanket of DC crony politics.  This wonderful community health resource for a third of DC and equal parts of PG County has been a political football for years now.   As a private hospital (the city has sold it twice and had to buy it back) This political chicanery has been the source of revenue and wealth for a number of friends, relatives, and hangers on at city hall.  The last time it was "forced," into bankruptcy by Ghandi, Inc. it was actually in the black (making a profit) Go figure ...?

The Jackals Gather - Well, they're at it again ... Marion and Catania are like jackals fighting over the prospect of  new economic carrion.  A recent study of hospital operations funded by the city (for whom UMC is actually an agency) recommends reducing it to a "physicians center," meaning Doctors Offices.  Thus eliminating UMC from the city and freeing up more land for DC developers (who don't live or work in DC) to feed from the city trough.

Now, The Truth - The truth is, The UMC is a profitable hospital!  It is functioning as a non profit but it is earning revenue and is in the black.  However, that's not what Ghandi and the Council would have you believe.  The prize there is 17 acres of prime development real estate and someone will get to make a bundle from it.  UMC like most hospitals, must constantly and diligently work on collections.  Third party payers and other insurance carriers try to delay, or deny payments whenever possible.  So, a hospital must have an aggressive and effective collections department.  Ghandi, who has effective control over the board and the administration, refuses to allow UMC to hire such a person to drive the collections.  This leaves UMC with the appearance of insolvency and ripe for the pickings of the jackals in the Wilson Building.

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