Monday, November 21, 2011

OccupyDC: Pied Pippers for Democracy

What Can YOU Do - Bake occu-PIES!
Frustrated by our lack of ability to effect the comfort and accommodations of the patriots at Freedom Plaza and McPherson Square, my associate, and fellow NCJC board member, Linda Yahr set about to bake a half dozen pies for a theatrical event on Sunday at McPherson Square.   When we got there with a the box of pies Linda went to park the car and I went in search of someone to give them to.  I arrived at the mess tent just as Lunch was being served.  In a moment of inspiration I yelled "... OCCU-PIES for the OCCUPIERS!  It was immediately taken up by the "mike-check" process ... because there are no formal communication systems, every time someone says loudly, "Mike Check," everyone within hearing distance repeats at the top of their voices whatever follows. "... and so it went around the encampment.  "occu-PIEs being served at the lunch tent."  Unfortunately the few pies Linda baked were soon gone!

An Idea is Born!
Still, it fed a few people,  injected a moment of levity, and brought a bright spot in the day has given us an idea!  We could use that play on words to generate interest and possibly to create some much needed revenue.  Suppose we used that hook to get create a logo and license people around the country to use it if they donated half of what they made to the Occupy movement?  Even if we only got the folks in DC to start on it ... this could become a quirky sort of promotion and awareness campaign ... really.

Main Street Knows How to Bake Pies
Here's my idea ... we should tweet and retweet my original tweet (@peloquin) on twitter.  Let's see if we cannot engage the system here to move this along.  The idea being to get the folks who support us (64%) to show that support by baking some occu-PIES!!!

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