Saturday, November 5, 2011

The 99% Crash the 1%'s Party - They GET the Message

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Last night members of The National Capital Jobs Coalition, (NCJC) joined the McPherson Square the Freedom Plaza OWS groups as we brought attention to the 1% as they partied at the DC Convention Center last night.  The Koch Bros held a party at the convention center.  We were not invited.  We did not crash the party, but we did make our presence known.  I've attended many marches in my life.  I marched in Cicero and at the Democratic Convention in 68' ... We joined with The Jobs and Justice movement in January ... This was the first time I have ever seen an effective multi media component in a social justice movement.

This event combined physical elements ( a large pneumatic "Fat Cat," float) and a very hot and relevant video projected onto the side of The DC Convention Center.  Also present and engaged was a New Orleans style marching group complete with trumpets, drums, and flute.  March management also presented a karaoke video that employed a parody of the famous "Buy the World a Coke" commercial.  Here's the link really kicks ass!

After you've seen the video you'll understand how we all need to sing this at every event where we make the point.  The Machine is Definitely Broken!

A Specially Produced Video Made it's Point
Stand up and be proud!  We are ready for Prime Time.  

The Tea Party - They are Weak Tea

If there ever was a question about the focus and dedication of this movement, the professional, well produced, and on message video should close the door.  This is no amateur production.  We will become a force that both parties will need to address.  Compared to this The Tea Party is WEAK!

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