Monday, June 27, 2011

Green Jobs: The Center for Urban Micro Enterprise

Here's The Plain Truth - We know that the new DC has no place for the hard working, under educated residents of our neighborhoods and communities.  The city of large institutions (Universities, Hospitals, and Gov't Agencies and Departments) will never again employ the throngs of low-skilled workers as it once did.   What recourse do we have to provide gainful and meaningful employment for citizens?  We are not sending all them to UDC ... trust me.  They are NOT going back to school.  What then, can we do to build opportunity?

Here's What We CAN Do - We can train them ... train them to operate and run their own profitable small businesses.   The time for education has past them by... but training is always an option.  This small growing business can become the cornerstone of a revitalization of the communities in which it exists.  Micro enterprise has helped rekindle commerce in the slums of India and the villages of Africa.  It can and will work here.  

Enter the Micro Franchise - Traditional small businesses have a 40% failure rate after two years.  However, if the business is part of a franchise then the rate drops dramatically to only 7%.  That's because a franchise is documented and training intensive.  It is standard operating procedure driven..  The plain truth is: The Franchise Model Works.  This is sustainable economic development.  This is an opportunity driven American solution.

The National Center for Urban Micro Enterprise
We need to establish a fund and an implementation strategy based upon a training (not education) model.  We need to establish the DC Sustainable Economic Initiative Fund.  We need to create The National Center for Urban Micro Enterprise.  We need to seriously foster a viral infestation of small growing businesses that are owned and operated by the people in the  neighborhoods.  How we do that and what businesses will work are legitimate questions that will be answered in the next blog... stay tuned DC.

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