Friday, June 3, 2011

Co Director Peloquin Addresses Green Statehood Party General Meeting

A Meaningful Intellectual Dialog and a Progressive Agenda

We spoke at UDC Law School to a group of around thirty or so party members including David Schwartzman, former party candidate for DC City Council noted activists Michelle and Richard Clemmons among others.  We put forth the NCJC Mission and objectives of a revitalized and effective First Source law along with the pressing, even desperate need for decent and just new green jobs for the district.   Jobs being the key to an economic rebirth for our city.

NCJC was asked to address the First Source law and the proposed amendment.  We noted the improvements in the law and made known our suggestions for further enhancing the potential for an effective implementation and enforcement plan.  Other speakers addressed the issue of:  Wage Theft, a disgusting and growing problem and eliminating the blanket discrimination against returning citizens without cause or purpose.

I was generally impressed by the serious nature of those present.  The progressive agenda and the overall quality of the intellectual discourse.  I think we should consider engaging here.  It will be an opportunity for us to extend our vision and to link with those who would become our allies.

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